RECRUITMENT BONUS: Recruit One New Person and have your account credited with $25 payable on the 15TH and 28TH of every month.     PERFORMANCE BONUS: Work Hard to Head a Yellow Board and be credited with $200 instantly. This has never happened before.     ADDITIONAL VOUCHERS!: Request for Vouchers after Cycling out on the RED BOARD ($10,000) and be credited with 26 vouchers instead of the previous 24 vouchers.      From 1ST February 2014, the following changes will apply




Diamond Winners Travels offers you the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited bookings for discounted travel, accommodation, and holiday packages. You also benefit from cutting-edge health services at remarkable prices, and free quality luxury vacation up to four time a year.


You own and manage your virtual office to manage your business anywhere around the World. As if these are not enough, Diamond winners offers wholesale prices on various travel deals including Hotels, Car Rentals, Flight Tickets, Travel Insurance, Cruise Holidays, Shopping Discounts and many more.

You also earn generous incentive prizes like Luxury Cars, Villas, and Cash rewards. All these can be yours for only $375.00 USD membership fee. You also get the opportunity of earning 10,000 USD over and over again. Never has anyone rewarded you like this in your life; but Diamond Winners will reward you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.